About us

We are a small family business that started working with mushrooms in 1963, beleiveing from the very start inhard work, respect for the environment and tasty genuine products as the base to build our business. Since 1963 we have been working with passion and determination, experimenting with new processes and products, continuously improving our techniques whilst staying true to our roots and our mission.

In this way we are able today to offer you in our store and through our resellers network, the best tastes from the wood, the land and much more.

Where we are

In Calizzano, of course! A small village in the province of Savona, in the green valleys of the Maritime Alps, a few kilometers from the Ligurian cost, between pure waters and aromatic paths, where nature offers its best.

After a sleepy winter, covered under a thick balnket of snow , nature blossoms in spring with an explosion of berries, apple and cherry flowers, slowly evolving into a fresh summer of colourful meadows, smells of freshly cut grass, and trees that offer shadow and rest to our visitors. Then it comes for us the most important time of the year, autumn, when the woodland gives us its finest mushrooms, the most wonderful colours and most tasty fruits.